1st Quality Appraisals, Inc. Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
1st Quality Appraisals, Inc.Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Your Real Estate Appraisers in Beaumont and the Inland Empire

1st Quality Appraisals has local experience and knowledge.  The Inland Empire area has a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas.  The quality of the appraisal you receive is tied to the knowledge and experience of the appraiser providing the service.  1st Quality Appraisals has all the appeal and proximity of a local appraiser, but with the advantage of an extensive network of appraisers to provide the most qualified person for your appraisal needs.


1st Quality Appraisals office is in Yucca Valley, CA and the primary coverage area is within 50 miles of Yucca Valley. However, the appraiser has experience, and has lived in around the Inland Empire areas her whole life, and does cover areas futher than 50 miles away for an additional travel fee.  Our primary coverage areas includes the desert areas of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, Landers, Johnson Valley, Lucerne Valley and adjacent communities.  Extended services are available through our network of qualified appraisers. 


Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you find the value of your property for you!

The Appraisers at 1st Quality Appraisals

You can learn a little about our experienced appraisers right here. We look forward to meeting you in person, so make an appointment anytime! The first meeting is non-binding and completely free of charge.


Paula Martz, Owner

Certified Appraiser


Bio: I have been a licensed appraiser since 2008. I grew up in the Joshua Tree area, and spent most of my working career in various locations from Yucca Valley, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Yucaipa and Beaumont.  As a native to the Inland Empire area, I am very familiar with the area market and its many quirks. I have an extended history as a notary loan closer and an accountant.  My passion is preserving the integrity of home valuations.  I love helping people find solid and reliable property values of their homes, and there's nothing more rewarding to me than a satisfied customer.


Phone: (909) 578-8011


E-mail: Paula@1stQualityAppraisals.com




1st Quality Appraisals, Inc.

7238 SunnyPlace

Yucca Valley, CA  92284


Phone: (909) 578-8011

E-mail: Paula@1stQualityAppraisals.com


Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


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Tip of the Week

Show Off Your Home!

Before your appraisal be sure to take care of cosmetic deferred maintenance items.  Clean up inside.  Weed and mow the lawn.  The better maintained a home is adds value to a home.  A sparkling clean appearance gives the impression that your home has been well-maintained and cared for over the years.



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