1st Quality Appraisals, Inc. Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
1st Quality Appraisals, Inc.Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Preparation for your Appraisal

To make the appraisal process as smooth as possible, we have some tips.


Prior to the inspection:


CA state law requires that you have Carbon Monoxide detectors properly installed.  All single family homes, condominiums and multi-unit properties must have a CO detector located on each level of the dwelling, outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.


Having the following items taken care of ahead of time will expedite the appraisal and make the process smoother.


  • Make sure the water heater is double strapped to the wall.
  • Make sure all areas of the property are accessible and unlocked, including all bedrooms, garage, outbuildings, and additional units.  If the appraiser is not able to access any areas of the property, a return trip may be required, at an additional expense.
  • Please have copies of any permits for any additions, garage conversions or major remodeling available for the appraiser.
  • Have all dogs secured.
  • If the property is a condominium or is in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and homeowner's dues are paid, please have the phone number of the Homeowner's Association or Management Company available to give to the appraiser.

If the loan is an FHA/HUD loan:

  • Make sure the water heater is double strapped
  • Make sure all utilities are on and functional
  • Make sure there are no health and safety hazards (loose balcony railings, exposed wiring, etc.)
  • Make sure access to the attic and crawlspace are clear.

At the inspection, the Appraiser will:

  • Measure the house and oubuildings.
  • Photograph the front, rear and sides of the house and all rooms inside as well as any features that may have an positive or negative impact on the property value.
  • Take notes about the features and nature of the property
  • Ask you about any improvements made to the property and any other items of importance.
  • It is advisable that you put together a list of items that you think are important about the property, including when improvements, updating and\or remodeling were completed.

1st Quality Appraisals, Inc. is committed to providing outstanding appraisal services. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to call or email us.




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Tip of the Week

Show Off Your Home!

Before your appraisal be sure to take care of cosmetic deferred maintenance items.  Clean up inside.  Weed and mow the lawn.  The better maintained a home is adds value to a home.  A sparkling clean appearance gives the impression that your home has been well-maintained and cared for over the years.



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